A blog about reviews of products that are less than 100 pesos, discounted products, listing of stores and directory, current promos and events

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are you open for collaborations/ partnerships?
A: Yes*

2.) Can I invite you in an event?
A: Yes*

3.) I am a student and working on a project/thesis, can I interview you?
A: Yes*

4.) Can I invite you to give a talk?
A: Yes*

5.) Are you open for sponsorships/product features?
A: Yes

6.) Can I send you samples of my product/s?
A: Yes

7.) Can I send you products for you to review?
A: Yes

8.) What day do you usually make your reviews?
A: Weekends/Holidays (no work)

9.) What products do you review?
A: I usually review skincare products

10.) What makes your blog different from others?
A: I reviews products that I bought below Php100 or products that are discounted. I wanted my beauty blog to be unique as much as possible by giving them honest reviews, cheap finds, hard-to-find products, newly-discovered items, beauty tips and personal thoughts.

For more question, contact me at: bel [at] aol [dot] com

* means depends on my schedule
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