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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Vita Foam mini Good Night


Hi there! Facial cleanser is really important in our daily lives. From the time we woke up and before going to sleep, we always wash our face with it. It helps us clean our face, remove make-up and even stubborn dirt that stuck in our skin. But who would ever thought that there is also a facial wash that should be used at night before going to sleep? 

I know you have seen in the market and even in the commercials the products that are used at night before going to sleep such as lotions, deodorants, moisturizers etc. But based on my observations, I have never heard or seen a facial wash for night use.
Until this Etude product came, the Vitafoam mini Goodnight. It's only a new arrival when I bought it from the last Grand Sale. It's price is the same as the Tea Foam collection but the size is smaller.

 Cute packaging! This product is also good for travels since it comes in a small package.

It contains Vitamin B5 that helps our skin or cell regenerates while we sleep.

Its texture is very silky and kinda thick. It also has a Blackberry scent :)

As usual, the texts written at the back of the product are almost in Korean.


1. Apply to wet face and lather.
2. Massage thoroughly and rinse.

TIP: Use warm water when washing your face. This will help to open up your pores easily and also to sooth your stressed skin/face especially if you have tired eyes after a long day at work.

Use this everyday at night before going to sleep.
Regular Price: Php148, Sale Price: Php118.40
Where to Buy: Etude House click here for branches.
Size/Weight: 60ml

DISCLAIMER: Please test first if you are not allergic to the product. If you have a sensitive skin, consult first your dermatologist. If you experience swell, itching or irritation on skin, immediately stop using the product.

How about you? Have you tried this already? Share it and Follow me beauties:))

♥, Bel

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Eyelash Curler (Silicon type)


Hello Guys! The weather is really driving me nuts @,@.. so I've decided to post this uber cute product from Etude. This is the Eyelash Curler Silicon Type that I bought from the last day sale of Etude. Anyways, I hope you'll like this post :)

I first had an eyelash curler when I was 19 i think? or maybe 18. I bought it in Metro Market Market Dept. Store and I can't remember what is the brand or product name. I just got curious of it because I don't have it in my "Kikay Kit".  Also, it's not that much expensive. Since then I started using it everyday before going to school and even at school doing our make-up sessions w/ my Gfs. lol! But when BF started coming into my life, I have stopped using my eyelash curler as well as putting make-up because he believes that a girl/woman is more beautiful without wearing make-up. (well until now.. except for special occasions) Wow! *laughs. Anyway, back to the eyelash curler thing, until now I can't find my first ever eye curler (it's been years), so I guess I already lost it.. Bad me.. *cries. So I have thought of replacing it. When I saw the eyelash curler from Etude House' site, I've said to myself that I'll have that. I always visit Etude House just to check if the eyelash curler is already available. But as usual it's always OOS (Out of Stock). But the day came when least I've expected is AVAILABLE!


Isn't lovely??? Just like my old eyelash curler!! It's also color pink =)

Check this out!

I don't why the color of my skin became different too? Maybe because of the lighting :0

It has also a free silicon :D

Price: Before>Php78.00  Now>Php62.40
Where to Buy: Etude House
Size/Weight: nothing specified

How about you? Do you also have this? Share it and Follow me pulease? :)

♥, Bel

Friday, 24 June 2011

Etude House Branches & Contact Details

For those Etude House Lovers! To make it easy for you to locate and contact them, I made this listing for all of you :))

Photo courtesy of EH Phils.

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/etudehousephilippines

Photo courtesy of EH Phils.

SM MEGAMALL Ground Floor Building B (Across Jollibee) - Tel: 632-0844  

FESTIVAL MALL 2nd Floor Wing B (Near Robinson's) - Tel: 836-8477  

SM MANILA 2nd Floor (Across Celine) - Tel: 353-8511

SM CEBU Lower Ground Floor (Near Supermarket) - Tel: (032) 268-6864  

SM ILOILO Upper Ground Floor - Tel: (033) 320-7740

SM PAMPANGA Ground Floor Annex 3 - Tel: (045) 455-3426  


SM STA. ROSA Ground Floor (Near Mossimo)  

SM NORTH EDSA 3rd Floor, The Block (Annex 3, Near Toy Kingdom and Guess Kids) - Tel: 352-6314

SM SOUTHMALL Upper Ground Floor (Near Gate 3, Across Adidas) - Tel: 519-8448  




SM FAIRVIEW Ground Floor - Tel: 352-7352  

SM BICUTAN Ground Floor, Bldg. A (Across McDo) - Tel: 846-5875  

SM MASINAG Upper Ground Floor - Tel: 477-3087

AYALA ABREEZA DAVAO Ground Floor beside Robinson's supermarket - Tel: (082) 321-0953 



AYALA MARKET MARKET Ground Floor (Tentative July 28)  

SM MOA DEPARTMENT STORE Ground Floor (Tentative July)  

SM BAGUIO Lower Ground Floor (Tentative Sept)

Thank EH Philippines for the reference! As what they say, "Play Etude" :))

♥, Bel

BAG-a-holic SALE at EGG!

Hello Guys! Even though its raining so hard outside, let's not restrain ourselves from shopping:) EGG or Exciting Gifts + Goodies will have a SALE starting on June 24, 2011. They will have a 30% discounts on almost of their bags and pouches on all of their stores. So hurry, don't miss this opportunity!
~Bel~ <333

Monday, 20 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Peach Tea)


Etude House' Grand Sale is really a perfect timing for me because finally I can change my old facial wash.. although it helped me a lot.. but I think I need a lot of something that is in one product. That is the Etude House Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Peach.

I have also read a lot of feedback and reviews of this product. So I'm thinking.. Why not try this myself if it's true or not??

Why Peach? I dunno.. But I know that I do love eating peaches! (even if canned). But Peach+Tea.. let me see....

If you are not a fan or user of fruit-smelled products especially peach, you should try other variants like Milk Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea and Aloe Tea.

I admit, at first I'm not used to the smell (although it's not bad) It's just that I'm used to my facial wash before that it has no smell at all.. but I guess that's why it became boring for me to cleanse everyday for how many months.. *laughs. But this one, it will tickle your nose and feel revitalized! Especially to those who are feeling lazy or sleepy. By the way, I'm using this every morning because at night, I'm using the EH Vitafoam Mini Goodnight' which I will review soon. So watch out for it. :) Anyway, this Peach Tea Foam is also great for those people who are stressed out and wanted their skin to be healthy and smooth.

Actually, today is my 6th day of using Peach Tea Time Cleansing Foam and so far, I really love it! It's like I always wanted to wash my face every now and then (but of course that is not applicable). When first tried it, after drying my face with a towel, looked in the mirror.... I saw a huge difference! My face was brighter and clearer! Also, after I used it, I noticed that my face is tightened, less oiliness and my skin is so supple! 

Here is the effect after days of using it. FYI: I'm not wearing any make-up :)

Price: Regular Price: Php148, Sale Price: Php118.40
Where to Buy: Etude House branches, if not available they have an online shop.
Size/Weight: 150ml

Etude House Philippines

DISCLAIMER: Please test first if you are not allergic to the product. If you have a sensitive skin, consult first your dermatologist. If you experience swell, itching or irritation on skin, immediately stop using the product.

How about you? Have you tried this product? Share it and Follow me!

♥, Bel

Etude House Pink Membership Card

Finally! I already have the 'Pink Membership Card' from Etude House!

You will get this if you are a first time customer and have purchased Php500 worth of items from Etude House. *NOTE: Department Stores are not included.

TIP: If you are buying more than Php500 worth of items from Etude for the first time, purchase first the first Php500 worth of items. Just tell it to the Sales Personnel and they will assist you (Just like I did :)) WHY? So that your points will be counted on your next purchase.

After you have paid your Php500 worth of items at the cashier counter, they will give you an application form in which you will need to fill up certain personal info (Name, Address, Contact No., Email) and they will give you this form.

For those who have lost their application forms and a newbie card holder like me, here are the quick details:

  • The Pink Membership card shall NOT be replaced when lost. All rebates earned in the lost card shall be considered forfeited. The member shall re-apply for a new card and begin anew.
  • Present your Pink membership Card to the cashier upon payment. No Card, no rebate.
  • To earn rebate points, a customer must make purchase of at least Php100 in one single receipt.
  • Cardholders get 2% rebate for a minimum purchase of Php100.
  • Pink membership card is valid for 3 years
  • Rebates earned by a cardholder who do not renew will be forfeited.
  • Cardholders that have no purchase for 1 year period will be canceled and earned rebates will be forfeited.

 For new current Pink Member Card holders, you can check your points here 

♥, Bel

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Best Buys at Etude House Grand sale

Last June 15, after work, I immediately rushed to Etude House Fairview Branch (together with BF). I'm so excited yet nervous because I'm afraid that I'll be an impulsive shopper :o though I already have a budget and a list of what to buys (including the price..:p). So let me share you my first haul of my Etude House Collection.

I know these products don't cost Php100 and below, but with the 20% off on all items really makes a difference. Right? This Grand Sale is once-in-a-blue-moon event and I don't know when it will happen again. I hope it happens every now and then.. hihi.. So right now, I'm thinking of buying again before the Grand Sale ends because BF and I are really really satisfied with their products.  

Here are the products w/ their prices before and after:

Bubble Hair Coloring (Dark Brown)
Before: Php378
Now: Php302.40

Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Peach Tea)
Before: Php148
Now: Php118.40

Love Homme Cleansing Foam for Men
Before: Php348
Now: Php278.40

Vita-Foam Mini Goodnight
Before: Php148
Now: Php118.40

Sleeping Pack (Pore & Oil Control)
Before: Php448
Now: Php358.40

Minisize U Pore Serum, Toner and Emulsion
Before: Php578
Now: Php462.40

3 bottles in 1 box

The Minisize U Kit Box

These are the freebies that I've got. A tissue and an eyebrow knife/comb with mirror.
Total Price Breakdown of the items:

If bought in regular price: Php2,048
bought in 20%: Php1,638.4

Total Amount Saved: Php 409.6

Isn't amazing? Don't worry guys, will have a review of them as soon as possible as I'm already using them since I bought them and can't wait to share wit u guys what I'm feelin' :)

So hurry! You only have 2 days before the Grand Sale ends.

♥, Bel

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Etude House Grand Sale!

Finally! The long wait is over!

Etude House Philippines will held their first ever GRAND SALE :) *happpyy!!

All items will be in 20% off.. Well not bad.. and also the Sale is for all Etude House branches!

I hope they will have enough stocks .. since I'll go there in the afternoon.. =0

The sale will run for 1 week (June 15-21, 2011)  (Gosh, it's also Payday tomorrow!?) I should ready my pen and paper to make a shopping list!

I also promised boyfie that I'll buy him somethin' (like love homme or anything that suits his skin) if the Grand Sale happens.. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear this too! <3 <3 <3

Photo courtsey of EH Phils.

I'm so excited for tomorrow! See you guys! <3

♥, Bel

Monday, 13 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011

Beauty and Budget on Facebook

 Finally! Beauty and Budget is now on Facebook!

 Click here to see our Fan page and please do like us beauties:)

♥, Bel

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Product Review: Love Moon Anion Pantyliner


It's really hard to be a woman, good thing there is this product that will refrain us from having dysmenorrhea (is my spelling correct?), urinary infections and other unexplainable irritations that happen during our menstruation.

What are Anions?

Anions are Negative Ions. They are abundant in natural places such as forests, waterfalls, and the seaside/beaches. these anions cancel effects of positive ions and clean the air.

On the other hand, positive ions or "Cations" attract atmospheric pollutants and other harmful airborne matter such as viruses and bacteria into interior spaces and keep them there.
Reference: Cerana farms of Ebay.ph


I got curious with this product when I saw this in the internet (online shop). I was so fascinated with the reviews and good feedback that I have read on the site. So I decided to try the product myself. What made me purchase the product is that I'm feeling kind of unhealthy because I don't have time to exercise and my period is always weeks delayed.

So there, here's what happened. I had a period last April 2 or 3 and I started using the pantyliner last April 11 which is Monday. After days of using Anion Pantyliner, I got a period again??! and that was April 16 up to April 22. Yes i know its unbelievable. Me too! I was shocked :o

But then I asked the seller if that is normal and she said "yes". She said that it is normal after using Anion products because it will take out toxins and bad elements from your body. And in my case I guess that's true because there are lots of blood clots that have taken out of my body which they say may cause cancer and other ill-related sicknesses. The seller also said that her middle-aged customers who are already menopaused and after using the product, suddenly had their menstruation again! Wow.. I should suggest this to my mother.

Here are the other health benefits of using Anion pads:

*relieves stress and fatigue
*kills bacteria
*eliminates foul odor
*controls inflammation
*enhances metabolism
*improves hormone secretions
*strengthens immune system

It may also prevents and possibly cure:

*Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
*Menstrual problems
*Cervical problems
*Prostate problems

The front label of the pantyliner

The side label of the pantyliner

The resealable foil which bacteria cannot enter

It comes with a free indicator or also known as a "vaginal inflammation self-test kit". It helps you know if you're healthy or not. To know more on how to use the kit, click here

I did not took picture of the product if opened because it will be so unhygienic if I open it, took picture of it and use it.. (@,@)

Here are the other info the I got from their site:

The company behind this wonderful product: Winalite International

Love Moon Anion has 3 different types of napkin

The 7 high tech layers of a napkin

Price: Php300 for 30pcs. (only Php10.00 per day)
Where to Buy: online shops (like ebay, sulit, multiply, facebook etc.) and dealers
Size/Weight: 15.5 cm (pantyliner)

Winalite Philippines

obviously, the product caters not only to us women, but also for everyone (click here for other uses). Especially nowadays, it's impossible for us not to get sick. This product is really a great help to our health and lifestyle.

the pantyliner is kinda expensive for a 10 pesos each, but thinking the good benefits that it will do to your body, it's OK to spend 10 pesos everyday than spend thousands in the hospital and medicines. right?

DISCLAIMER: These statements are not intended to replace medical advice. Please consult first your doctor.

How about you? Have you tried this product?

♥, Bel

Friday, 3 June 2011

Etude House' Grand Sale if reached 50,000 likes before June 14!

All Etude House fans!

Help us Etude House Philippines to reach 50,000 likes before June 14 and they will have a GRAND SALE. I hope it's nationwide, well.. they didn't say anything specific. *me wishes

I've always wanted to purchase from Etude House but since my blog's theme is about beauty products that cost only Php100.00 and below (yes I know it's verrry challenging), 'coz my choices are limited. But if the GRAND SALE happens, I would definitely NOT miss the opportunity and eventually make review about the items! How good is that?? 

So let us all start saving today and help them reach 50,000 likes on Facebook!

 Dara of 2ne1
Photo courtesy of EH Phils.

Click here to like their page
C'mon guys! Spread some looove! <3

♥, Bel
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