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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Eyelash Curler (Silicon type)


Hello Guys! The weather is really driving me nuts @,@.. so I've decided to post this uber cute product from Etude. This is the Eyelash Curler Silicon Type that I bought from the last day sale of Etude. Anyways, I hope you'll like this post :)

I first had an eyelash curler when I was 19 i think? or maybe 18. I bought it in Metro Market Market Dept. Store and I can't remember what is the brand or product name. I just got curious of it because I don't have it in my "Kikay Kit".  Also, it's not that much expensive. Since then I started using it everyday before going to school and even at school doing our make-up sessions w/ my Gfs. lol! But when BF started coming into my life, I have stopped using my eyelash curler as well as putting make-up because he believes that a girl/woman is more beautiful without wearing make-up. (well until now.. except for special occasions) Wow! *laughs. Anyway, back to the eyelash curler thing, until now I can't find my first ever eye curler (it's been years), so I guess I already lost it.. Bad me.. *cries. So I have thought of replacing it. When I saw the eyelash curler from Etude House' site, I've said to myself that I'll have that. I always visit Etude House just to check if the eyelash curler is already available. But as usual it's always OOS (Out of Stock). But the day came when least I've expected is AVAILABLE!


Isn't lovely??? Just like my old eyelash curler!! It's also color pink =)

Check this out!

I don't why the color of my skin became different too? Maybe because of the lighting :0

It has also a free silicon :D

Price: Before>Php78.00  Now>Php62.40
Where to Buy: Etude House
Size/Weight: nothing specified

How about you? Do you also have this? Share it and Follow me pulease? :)

♥, Bel


  1. nice review :D

  2. Hi Bel Thanks for sharing this, Now I want to drop by in ETUDE I want this Eyes Curler too, its very affordable too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  3. nice review dear! ^_^ I'll try this one when I get the chance ^_^

    Much Love!


  4. It worked wonderfully on your lashes. :)

  5. hi bel! I tagged you! check the link for more info http://photoescape06.blogspot.com/2011/06/ola-im-back-with-tag-post-unfortunately.html much love!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I dropped by yesterday at Etude and saw this eyelash curler of them w/c priced at Php198. I don't know why is it much expensive than this one. Maybe it's the upgraded version of this (but it's not color pink;D)


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