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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Vita Foam mini Good Night


Hi there! Facial cleanser is really important in our daily lives. From the time we woke up and before going to sleep, we always wash our face with it. It helps us clean our face, remove make-up and even stubborn dirt that stuck in our skin. But who would ever thought that there is also a facial wash that should be used at night before going to sleep? 

I know you have seen in the market and even in the commercials the products that are used at night before going to sleep such as lotions, deodorants, moisturizers etc. But based on my observations, I have never heard or seen a facial wash for night use.
Until this Etude product came, the Vitafoam mini Goodnight. It's only a new arrival when I bought it from the last Grand Sale. It's price is the same as the Tea Foam collection but the size is smaller.

 Cute packaging! This product is also good for travels since it comes in a small package.

It contains Vitamin B5 that helps our skin or cell regenerates while we sleep.

Its texture is very silky and kinda thick. It also has a Blackberry scent :)

As usual, the texts written at the back of the product are almost in Korean.


1. Apply to wet face and lather.
2. Massage thoroughly and rinse.

TIP: Use warm water when washing your face. This will help to open up your pores easily and also to sooth your stressed skin/face especially if you have tired eyes after a long day at work.

Use this everyday at night before going to sleep.
Regular Price: Php148, Sale Price: Php118.40
Where to Buy: Etude House click here for branches.
Size/Weight: 60ml

DISCLAIMER: Please test first if you are not allergic to the product. If you have a sensitive skin, consult first your dermatologist. If you experience swell, itching or irritation on skin, immediately stop using the product.

How about you? Have you tried this already? Share it and Follow me beauties:))

♥, Bel


  1. Ohh this is super cute! :)
    By the way, I'm a new follower! Keep on writing. :)

  2. Hi Ms. Helen! Thank you for following me! That's so inspiring :) Watch out for more product reviews that are below Php100 and discounted products too! ;D


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