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Monday, 31 October 2011

Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Guys! Here is my new favorite! 
I've mentioned before that I'm not used to wearing make-up everyday even at work. I'm just applying a moisturizer on my face and then voila! Or if my face is getting a bit oily, I'll just use a powder then I'm through. When it comes to my lips, I'm just using a lip balm to prevent my lips from being dry and flaky.

But sometimes, just a plain lip balm seems to get boring. I'm looking for something that is like a lipstick but it helps to moisturize your lips and doesn't feel so sticky. I wanted a lip balm that has a color or a tint! 

 So finally, my wish has come true <3

I've seen a lot of lip tint balms, but all of them are in containers which you have to use your finger in applying which is also I don't like because it seems to be messy and very unhygienic :( So I wanted it to on a stick that is easy to apply.

 What I also love about this one is its peppermint/menthol effect on your lips after applying. You will really feel the coolness that it gives to your lips which will really brighten up your mood just like me ;)

Not only that, plus the fact that this product is from Human Heart Nature, which means, this lip tint balm is 100% Natural and free from harmful chemicals! This product is really amazing for me. This product is not only good outside of your lips but also inside because of the natural ingredients which will make your lips moisturized and healthy!  

DID YOU KNOW THAT: This Tinted Lip Balm is only Php 74.75?!? Would you believe that? Unlike other products that cost way much higher than this *.*

Everything I'm looking for is already in this product! Btw, there are 3 shades but I've chosen the "Flame Kiss" which has a red tint (but don't worry, its not really that red) and also I got this for free from my last purchase (compensation) so thank you Human Heart Nature!  

Here is the picture of myself wearing the tinted lip balm. If you will notice, it's not that red but it's OK for me because I can wear this anytime of the day. It also gives a glossy effect which I also love (unlike other liquid lip tints that when applied, the color is uneven on your lips and just emphasize the dry parts of your lips).

 Thanks for reading!

 Human Heart Nature is located as 463 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines (near Feria Road) in front of Jocfer Building. Tel: (02) 931 5787 Visit their Facebook here or their website at www.humanheartnature.com   

♥lots, Bel

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Human Heart Nature Pressed Compact Powder

Since I'm currently using this one, I've decided to make a review on this. This is a foundation/powder pressed compact from Human Heart Nature, a company that sells products that don't have harmful chemicals and preservatives. I've searched for a long time to look for something that will replace my old compact powder which is Maybelline. I have 2 options: Etude House' Dr.Oil Compact Powder & Tony Moly's Berry Lovely Petite Powder Pact. The problems are: EH's Oil Compact Powder is always out of stock and TM's Petite Pact is really petite! The qualities that I'm looking for a compact powder are the following:
  • its capacity to cover the oiliness on my face thus making it natural.
  • if it is for long time use (not for only a week!)
  • value for price
Glad that I've discovered this and found out that the powder is on sale! From Php425, I bought it at Php325 only (which is almost the same price from my other 2 options) But take note, I guess I can use this for more than a month! which means it's much cheaper than the other commercial products, and the bonus part is that this product is 100% NATURAL! Isn't it amazing that you will not worry anymore about the harmful effects of the chemicals while using this?

 The box of the compact powder

I chose the lightest shade which is the Orient Pearl. 

The compact is in color Gold

Its opening

Its back part


It's not a cotton puff but it's more of a thin sponge

Can you see the heart sign?

I guess the only problem is that the case/powder is sensitive. So don't let it fall to avoid breakage. Can you see the tiny powder bits? 

Also, I would suggest that I hope they will make a refill of their powders. That's all!

Thanks for reading!

 Human Heart nature is located as 463 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines (near Feria Road) in front of Jocfer Building. Tel: (02) 931 5787 Visit their Facebook here or their website at www.humanheartnature.com  

♥lots, Bel

My Human Heart Nature Haul October 2011

Hello Guys! I know it's too late (It's better to be late than never) but I will be happy to share what I bought the last time that I went to Human Heart Nature.

From left to right: Strengthening Shampoo w/ Cream Foam (50ml P44.75), Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil (50ml P119.75), Balancing Toner (100ml P99.75), Balancing Facial Wash (50ml P79.75). Below left to right: Lip Tint balm (FREE), Pressed Foundation Powder Pact (before: P425, sale price: P325).

To view all of their products and prices, just visit their website www.humanheartnature.com 

As of today, I have tried all of the products except the shampoo and the sunflower oil (and I'm so loving it!)

♥, Bel

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Human Heart Nature Visit

Hello Beauties! How's your week? If you will ask me, well it's a busy one. So busy that I hardly find time to post reviews anymore. Anyway, I will just share to you my experience after visiting Human Heart Nature's Headquarters in Commonwealth Q.C. I've been to HHN HQ last week to visit the store, take some pictures and blog about about it. I also bought some products that I wanted to try as soon as possible. I'm also there to get my free lip tint balm that HHN gave me as a compromise for the delayed shipping from my last online purchase. Aren't they nice? :) I hope all businesses are also like that.

Anyway, just to give you a a very quick background if what is HUMAN HEART NATURE, here it is.

It is a cosmetic and skincare brand that has NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS & PRESERVATIVES on their products. I am also proudly to say that it is made here in the Philippines. They have this 3 statements that I remembered written at the back of the shirts from HHN: 


Check out their store :)
Store's front door

Water & Coffee Station

Check out their products :)
Hair Mask
All Natural Deodorant
Body Butter
Massage Oil
Organic Shaving Oil
Natural Feminine Wash
Sunflower Beauty Oil
Balancing Facial Wash
Balancing Toner
Hydrating Facial Wash
Hydrating Face Toner
Lip Balm testers!
Lip Tint Balm

Mineral Lip Gloss (Pink & Red)
Natural Lip balm in 3 Flavors (Tutti Frutti, Peppermint & Choco Fudge)
I love everything about this store! from their free coffee & water to their very warm and kind employees. Even their security guards are nice too and very helpful. Thank You Human Heart Nature for this awesome experience and for making wonderful products :) Til next Time!

Human Heart nature is located as 463 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines (near Feria Road) in front of Jocfer Building. Tel: (02) 931 5787 Visit their Facebook here or their website at www.humanheartnature.com  

Thanks for reading!
♥lots, Bel
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