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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Product Review: Love Moon Anion Pantyliner


It's really hard to be a woman, good thing there is this product that will refrain us from having dysmenorrhea (is my spelling correct?), urinary infections and other unexplainable irritations that happen during our menstruation.

What are Anions?

Anions are Negative Ions. They are abundant in natural places such as forests, waterfalls, and the seaside/beaches. these anions cancel effects of positive ions and clean the air.

On the other hand, positive ions or "Cations" attract atmospheric pollutants and other harmful airborne matter such as viruses and bacteria into interior spaces and keep them there.
Reference: Cerana farms of Ebay.ph


I got curious with this product when I saw this in the internet (online shop). I was so fascinated with the reviews and good feedback that I have read on the site. So I decided to try the product myself. What made me purchase the product is that I'm feeling kind of unhealthy because I don't have time to exercise and my period is always weeks delayed.

So there, here's what happened. I had a period last April 2 or 3 and I started using the pantyliner last April 11 which is Monday. After days of using Anion Pantyliner, I got a period again??! and that was April 16 up to April 22. Yes i know its unbelievable. Me too! I was shocked :o

But then I asked the seller if that is normal and she said "yes". She said that it is normal after using Anion products because it will take out toxins and bad elements from your body. And in my case I guess that's true because there are lots of blood clots that have taken out of my body which they say may cause cancer and other ill-related sicknesses. The seller also said that her middle-aged customers who are already menopaused and after using the product, suddenly had their menstruation again! Wow.. I should suggest this to my mother.

Here are the other health benefits of using Anion pads:

*relieves stress and fatigue
*kills bacteria
*eliminates foul odor
*controls inflammation
*enhances metabolism
*improves hormone secretions
*strengthens immune system

It may also prevents and possibly cure:

*Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
*Menstrual problems
*Cervical problems
*Prostate problems

The front label of the pantyliner

The side label of the pantyliner

The resealable foil which bacteria cannot enter

It comes with a free indicator or also known as a "vaginal inflammation self-test kit". It helps you know if you're healthy or not. To know more on how to use the kit, click here

I did not took picture of the product if opened because it will be so unhygienic if I open it, took picture of it and use it.. (@,@)

Here are the other info the I got from their site:

The company behind this wonderful product: Winalite International

Love Moon Anion has 3 different types of napkin

The 7 high tech layers of a napkin

Price: Php300 for 30pcs. (only Php10.00 per day)
Where to Buy: online shops (like ebay, sulit, multiply, facebook etc.) and dealers
Size/Weight: 15.5 cm (pantyliner)

Winalite Philippines

obviously, the product caters not only to us women, but also for everyone (click here for other uses). Especially nowadays, it's impossible for us not to get sick. This product is really a great help to our health and lifestyle.

the pantyliner is kinda expensive for a 10 pesos each, but thinking the good benefits that it will do to your body, it's OK to spend 10 pesos everyday than spend thousands in the hospital and medicines. right?

DISCLAIMER: These statements are not intended to replace medical advice. Please consult first your doctor.

How about you? Have you tried this product?

♥, Bel


  1. Never heard about this product until today. Interesting, I should say. Will check it out on e-bay. Might give it a try.

    Nice blog by the way. Now a follower :) Have an awesome day :)

  2. Hi! Thank you for your nice feedback and for following me :) you are my first follower..yipee! :D


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