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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Product Review: Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Foam


We all wonder how Japanese women achieve their beautiful and youthful skin. Don't worry! You don't have to go to Japan to purchase their beauty products. Here in the Philippines, there's this store named SAIZEN where everything is imported from Japan. From household items, food, school & office supplies, accessories and most especially, their awesome beauty products! The exciting part is everything that they sell in that store is only PHP 85! As in 85 pesos each. Woow.. Who wouldn't like to go shopping in there?!

This is my first product review which is the Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Foam. It's like a facial wash that we use everyday to clean our face which cause by dirt and pollution. According to a research, Charcoal has many detoxifying elements that not only clean but brighten your skin. Charcoal beauty products also make you look years younger.

I bought this item several months ago and still continuously using it. Whenever I use it, I can feel that my face is thoroughly cleansed deep within my pores.

Although the letters are in Japanese, there is also an English translation for its features, cautions and how to use. Except for the ingredients. but who would bother to research the ingredients right?

1. Wash your face and get a small amount
2. Lather and make bubbles w/ water
3. Massage your face (avoid contact w/ eyes)
4. Rinse and pat dry w/ towel

The product is sealed with a foil, to make sure that it is properly sealed.  

It will not also color your towel after drying your face (unlike the other charcoal products that stick to your garments and towel), but also make sure that you rinse your face thoroughly.

Price: Php85
Where to buy: Saizen Trinoma
Size/Weight: 70g

  nice smell
  thoroughly cleanses the face

  it's hard to open and close the cap (it will take you long)
  there's no mini size (for travel or trial)

DISCLAIMER: Please test first if you are not allergic to the product. If you have a sensitive skin, consult first your dermatologist. If you experience swell, itching or irritation on skin, immediately stop using the product.

How about you? Have you tried any charcoal products?

♥, Bel

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  1. hi Bel! I just saw your blog by chance and I really like it! I've already followed your site ^_^ cool items! please visit my site too and tell me what you think ok? ^_^

    Much Love!

    -- Alice



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