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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Product Review: Lioele Vita Shake Pack Kiwi


Made in Korea

  • Dead skin cells are removed gently. Nourished, soft and bright skin is resulted.
  • The fresh fruit ingredients in the pack contain vitamins to help moisturize and give your face a clean, fresh feeling.
  • Kiwi extract control dead skin cells, and Vitamin K brightens skin tone to be fresh and young. 

Another beauty product from Korea that I have discovered: LIOELE
By the way, this is a wash-off type mask.

Korean beauty products are really known for their cute and great packaging!

You can easily tear it without using scissors to open it.

When applied ^ after opening

When spread ^ when applied on face, it will also look like this.

It is like a gel but with clear and jelly-like bits. The smell is quite annoying for me. It smells like a dried paste/glue (the one that we uses for sticking papers).

Can you see the color black one ^ it looks like a Kiwi seed.


I love how it leaves my skin so moist and firm! <3 While the mask is on, the mask is easily absorbed by my skin until it became dry. Upon rinsing of the mask, you can feel that there are lots of mask residues on your face so better wash your face thoroughly. The mask is really hydrating on skin, one thing I don't like though is the smell. It doesn't smell like a Kiwi but it smells like a paste/glue. Just don't bother the smell anymore because it will eventually fade after the mask is already spread on your face. Moisture is really very important on our skin, dryness is a super NO-NO ;)

Wash your face first. Tear open pack from top slit. Squeeze and get ample amount. Apply it on your face. Wear it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

*The pack is good for 1-2 application/s


Thank you for reading!
♥, Bel

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