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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Product Review: Skinfood Agave Cactus Toner



Containing extracts from Agave, also known as Nature's Reservoir, this toner rests skin with abundant moisture for a more vibrant texture.

Made of 100% active ingredients, its Agave and Cactus extracts intensively seal in refreshing moisture to revitalize dry and rough skin without any stickiness.


Blemished, dull skin

Skinfood is another great beauty product from Korea. They are also known for their effective yet expensive products.

The bottle is just small. Stands like, I think 2 inches.

The size is not written on the bottle, but according to my experience, it's good for 5-7 times usage.

At first, I'm so annoyed with its smell. I don't know if that is the smell of a Agave Cactus. I don't even know what it  looks! But eventually, when you applied it to your face, the smell fades out.

After a week of using it, I really felt a huge difference. My skin became so soft and supple. Actually you will notice it after using it for first time.


Using a cotton pad or palm, apply liberally onto the face in gentle upward and outward motions. Apply it after washing your face with a cleanser.

You can buy this at: online shops, Multiply, Sulit etc.
If you want to purchase this in big bottle, you can find Skinfood Stores here in the Philippines.

Thank you for reading! 
♥, Bel

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