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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Skinfood Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam

Hello! Have you read my post on Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleanser? Anyway there's a time for backreading ;) I thought of it after using this cleanser from Skinfood. Aside from they are both apple cleansers, they also have same effects (based on my experience).

At first I was kinda hesitant to use this because honestly, I don't like vinegars. I don't like the smell of it as well as the taste of it. Weird? Anyway, but why not try? Besides, it's just a cleanser. And I heard from old people that vinegar has a lot of uses in terms of health and beauty.

After opening it, I'm so glad it doesn't smell vinegar! hihi.. The smell is more of an apple scent. Really like the Innisfree's Apple Juicy cleanser. Anyway, here's a short description of the product:


This refreshing clear foam cleanser makes dry, dull skin clear and smooth with apple vinegar rich in minerals and organic acids. Honey extract moisturizes skin after cleansing.

How to use:

Foam a desired amount with warm water and massage gently onto face. Rinse with warm water.

♥, Bel

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