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Friday, 19 August 2011

Skinfood Head/ Hair Band


Hello beauties! We love putting masks on our face, but isn't it irritating that your hair goes onto your hair? or even washing our face everyday (especially if you have bangs like me ;)

I looked everywhere just to find a such a hair band that will suit what I need. Here are my qualifications:

a.) quality
b.) design
c.) price

and look what I've found!

It's SKINFOOD! One of my favorite Korean Beauty Product.

Haven't been to SKINFOOD lately and I'm not aware that they have this one.

Since I bought this online, I don't know how much this costs on stores and if they have a stock of this.

The hair/headband is garterized; color cream; when worn, it's kinda big for my head.

For those who are asking, I bought this at Ebay for the price of Php100 (excludes shipping fee)

What I like:
*It fits my qualifications
*It's Skinfood

What I don't like:
*The garter is too tight on my head (maybe it will expand eventually)
*The first time I opened it, the smell of the cloth is not appealing, you can wash it first before using if you're not used to with the smell.

How about you? What do you think?
♥, Bel

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