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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask


The mask open up pores with a warm heat of salt and sugar powder and eliminates waste material in a rough skin affected by the accumulated keratin. It provides an amazing silkiness to skin with nourishing black sesame extract.


Apply on appropriate amount to moist face after washing, particularly to areas rich in keratin. 
Avoid an eye area and massage in a circular motion.
Rinse with warm water after 3-5 minutes.


  • It's a good exfoliator (because of the sesame seeds)
  • It's really different, it's my first time to try a skincare product that has black sesame seeds on it
  • I like how it moisturized my face after washing
  • Do-it-yourself mask
  • Very easy to apply and doesn't require so much time.

  • Uhmm.. the texture is kind of oily, and when you're about to wash it off, you can still feel the oiliness. So the tendency is, you'll wash again your face with a facial cleanser.
  • At first, I don't like the smell (it's like the sesame seeds are toasted), since it's my first time to smell a black sesame. But, I got used eventually.
  • The hotness or the warm feeling doesn't stay long on my face. The warm feeling is only there for about a minute.

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♥, Bel

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