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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Body Shop Nail Cutter / Clipper

Hi guys! Check out my new buy!

Bought this at The Body Shop, since they are on sale, bought this for 50% off! Its regular price is Php 350 and bought it at Php175! I know it's still somehow expensive for a nail clipper, but hey! This is "The Body Shop" and they are known for having such great products, but I'm thinking, why is it priced at Php 350?? What is with this product??

 Basically, we thought of replacing our old nail cutter because it's not a good nail cutter. I have the tendency to hurt someone or even myself because of my nail. My nail is as sharper as a nail cutter! ~'c'~

 My old nail clipper VS Body Shop's clipper

After trying this out, I knew the difference why is it priced like that. It is because:
  • The cutter is sharp. It will leave your nails a clean cut.
  • Quality is 100%
  • It's not nakakasugat or nakakagasgas in Tagalog. It will not make your nails sharper.
  • You don't need a nail file anymore. 
Oh I don't know how to describe it anymore. ~o~ It's best to try it :D 

Thanks for reading beauties!

♥, Bel

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