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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Product Review: Daiso Charcoal Mask


Blackheads? Whiteheads? Are they giving you headaches? Worry no more! Let this noncommercial and budget-friendly product solve your problem!

I have been using this for about 5 months now. I actually discovered it through online, but when I found out that this can be bought in the market, I immediately rushed to the nearest Saizen branch because I read from some reviews that sometimes it's out of stock, so I guess that's why other beauties are hoarding this mask.. ~haha!~

I started going to derma for facial when I was about 18 years old and it is my first time to experience this uber hurtful pricking which really made me cry! But I don't why I keep on coming back whenever I see myself in the mirror with those yucky black/whiteheads stuck on my nose and whenever I pinch it, YUCK! (although it's OK, but there's still a lot more!!) also, when your pinching it with your nails/fingers, there's a tendency that your nose will get irritated/infected or worse, wounded (of course it's color red too!).

So I learned my lesson, I don't to go to facial centers anymore! I don't to pay them for hurting me! ~haha~

Glad that I have found this Charcoal based mask! :D

This mask is made of Charcoal which other commercial products also use for their nose strips.

This product is from Japan, but it states here that it's made from Korea.

This mask is included in Daiso's Charcoal Line. They also have a facial foam and a cleansing cream and I have a review of them here :D

The texts are Japanese!

Wow, their products are really sealed :)


1. Wash your face first with warm water
2. For effective results, steam your face (you can put a hot towel on your face or anything as long as your face will receive heat so that pores can easily open up)
3. Make sure your face is really dry
4. Tie your hair or clip it
5. Get an ample amount

6. Apply it first to your nose and the rest
7. Apply a second coat if the mask is already absorbed by your skin and the pores are visible.

8. Let it dry

9. Wait for 10-15 mins. for it to dry (you can use electric fan or air-con for quick drying)

All dried up! Ready to take it off.

10. Peel the mask gently.

This is the mask after peeled off.

You can notice here that a lot of facial hairs are removed!

Okay, I don't know if you notice the difference but this is my observation based from my experience:
  • Facial hairs are removed
  • Blackheads are also removed (it can't be seen in the mask because the mask is also color black)
  • Only few whiteheads are removed
  • Your face will be tightened after using the mask

Here are the reasons why this mask is not effective on you:
  • Your pores are closed (steam first you face)
  • Your application is thin (you can put the second coating before it dries up)
  • It's not already dry when you peeled it off (make sure that all parts are already dry)
  • Your nose will not be cleared in one application (like mine, when I first tried it, only a few change, but when I'm using it twice a week, I see a lot of change)
  • You're allergic to it (So please if you're skin got irritated, remove the mask as soon as possible by using water) Please consult first to your doctor if you have a sensitive skin.
USAGE: Once or twice a week 

TIPS: I prefer you use this mask before going to sleep and don't wash your face anymore (because you have just waxed your facial hair)

Price: Php85
Where to Buy: Saizen
Size/Weight: 80g

Thanks for reading!

♥, Bel

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