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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Daiso Nose Pack

Hello Beauties! How was your day? Anyway, I tried this product last week but will make review of it today. I will try my best to remember everything that happened when I first used it.

But if you're unaware of this product, you can read my review on DAISO'S CHARCOAL MASK. It's almost the same with this product except that this is not made of Charcoal.

BF and I bought this during my birthday at Robinson's Galleria. Thought it's included in the SALE but it's not :( Anyway, the first time I saw this is during the time I bought the Charcoal Cleansing Foam and Cream. I thought of buying it, but I have no idea if what is it, what is it for and for whom is it.

Until day came when I started looking for reviews of it on the internet. Most of them are international bloggers by the way, maybe some Filipinos still haven't discovered this one.

When I'm supposed to buy this one, I did not hesitated to ask the cashier if what is it for and for whom is this one. She said that this product is for MEN. OK, obviously, the picture looks like a man/boy. But after reading reviews, it seems that all of the bloggers that have tried this are women/girls. I just said to the cashier that it's for BF to refrain from questions.

So here it is, I'm very proud to share to you my latest discovery....
Btw, this is for removing blackheads and whiteheads ;)

This is Daiso's Nose Pack (Bought from Saizen Store)

The product is from Japan but it is made from Korea.

At first I am confused if this is a boy or a girl.

It weighs 50g

Look at my nose before the application ^ Ewww!
Looks like strawberry though. Haha!

Lots'a blackheads and whiteheads.. *.*

The texture is creamy but it dries really fast.

I only applied it in my nose and near it.

It's so stickyyy!

It easily dries up.

Can you see the bubbles or the holes? It's  my pores. It's better if you cover it again.

All dried up and ready for peel-off.

While peeling it off...

While stretching the mask....

This is the mask that is peeled-off ^

Look at these: Oh! So YUCKY! yet, amazed how many whiteheads and blackheads that gotten from my nose.

Whiteheads are more visible.

There are also lots of facial hairs removed and also blackheads.

My nose after the application (below)


After cleansing your face, evenly apply on the nose area and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. If completely dried out, peel it off starting at the bottom, pulling toward the top.
*Do not use more than twice per week.

  • It is much effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads.
  • It's only Php 85! Yep that's right.. So cheap yet effective!
  • It's easy to use it and you can do it at home. No need to go to derma or facial salons.
  • I'm not sensitive or allergic to it
  • It's color white, it's easy to see what has been removed unlike the charcoal mask.
  • Nice packaging (the picture shows what is it for)

  • It is somehow hard to remove the mask while peeling it off because it so sticky. That's why I still have some residues on my face on the last picture.
  • It easily dries off, especially on my finger (the one that I use for spreading)
  • They say that it's for men. I don't understand why. When I have already used it?
  • I don't know it's ingredients or what is it made of exactly :o
  • It's sticky - while spreading it. It's also kind of messy.. but it's ok :) You can wash it with water.
  • Make sure your pores are open. Believe me this really works. I steamed my face for about 5 minutes, but be careful.
  • Make sure your coating is not too thin, or else, nothing will happen. Every pore/hole should be applied.
  • you can use electric fan or air-con for quick drying
  • Don't wash your face after it (except if you got irritated) because hairs are removed and I think that it's not good ~ just like waxing.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, consult first your doctor/dermatologist.
  • I think this can also be used on other parts of the face with whiteheads.
  • Avoid applying near your mouth, eyes and eyebrow
  • For external use only. Don't apply it on open wounds.
  • I'm not sure if it's OK to apply it on your face with pimples/acne since I don't have pimples when I tried this.

Here are the reasons why this mask is not effective on you:
  • Your pores are closed (steam first you face)
  • Your application is thin (you can put the second coating before it dries up)
  • It's not already dry when you peeled it off (make sure that all parts are already dry)
  • Your nose will not be cleared in one application
  • You're allergic to it (So please if you're skin got irritated, remove the mask as soon as possible by using water) Please consult first to your doctor if you have a sensitive skin.
What do you think? Share your thoughts!
♥, Bel

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