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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask Peeling Cream Pack

Hello Guys! I'm really sorry if I'm not posting reviews lately. I've been busy with work and with my business (aside from family and my loving partner) So, let's start!

I'm really excited to review this one from the day that I saw this. Here it is.. What you see below is what you call "Tomatox" and it's from Tony Moly. Tony Moly is also a skincare and cosmetic brand from Korea and already have branches here in the Philippines. Tony Moly is known for their products such as their Snail Live Skin Repair Line, BB creams and last but not the least is their TOMATOX line.


Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts. With the bright red granules of oxygen bubble, it purifies the skin and then provides a large amount of oxygen deep into the skin, instantly leaving the skin fair, smooth and delicate with an even tone.
Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can get rid of the toxins of skin. The product is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Vitamin A and lycopene, the anti-oxidizing ingredients of tomato, are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector to help control puffiness and relieve chafing.

Therefore, this product is suitable for sunburned skin, skin with accumulated melanin, as well as dull skin due to poor blood circulation or bad living habits.

This is the Brightening Mask Peeling Cream Pack. Isn't the packaging is so nice? It's really like a real tomato!

The box is not included in my purchase.

The product weighs 70g

 If you will notice, there has been beads on it. Since this was purchased directly from Korea, it is different from what we now see in stores. Tomatox mask that doesn't have beads are called " Magic White Massage Pack. I think that is the new version of their Tomatox and it's worth Php500+. But the directions for use is just the same.

There is actually no peeling effect and this is a wash-off type mask.

It's easy to spread on face and the beads are easily absorbed by the skin with the mixture.

There's no stingy effects on me, bu when I tried this on my sister, she felt a sting sensation and I said that it was normal because it means that the product is taking effect.

I tried posing a different one. I hope you can see the difference.

  • It's easy to use/apply
  • Cute packaging
  • My face did brightened after one use.
  • I'm not allergic to it
  • My face is not sensitive to it
  • It can be used everyday

  • the smell~ it's not tomato.
  • inside the tomatox ~ it's not full. What makes it heavy is the packaging. 
  • I guess it's not travel-friendly.
  • I hope there is a Tomatox Sleeping Mask or a Tomatox mask that can be stayed on face for long hours.

  • After cleansing face, apply the mask to face. Avoid mouth and nose areas.
  • Wait for 2-5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

TIP: Use this at night before you go to sleep.

NOTE: If experienced stingy sensation or itchiness, rinse off with lukewarm water, after 10 mins. If you continue to feel itchiness, your skin may be sensitive and it is recommended to use the product 2-3 times a week only.

Suitable for:  all skin type

Thanks for reading!
♥, Bel

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